Posted by: jazzfashions | November 8, 2010

Why Most Kenyan Schools Go On Strikes

In Kenya schools are ranked according to their performances and thus we have the National schools, the Provitional schools , the District schools and the Local schools to which many refer them to the schools of the native land or in the slang language shule za mashambani to the youth.Strikes are mainly caused by students not wanting something from the school or they dont want what they are being told by the school administration.They may also go on strike to reject particular rules imposed  on them or that they dont want the school diet.The ranking of the schools can also cause strikes in the sense  that the top most ranked get the attetion more than the rest of the  other schools, this leads to them going on strikes to get the attetion that the other schools get even if its the wrong kind of attention they want to get it.Looking at the past few years the level of strikes has gone down  due to some of the schools listening to their students plights and reasoning with them and thus preventing worse consequences to happen in the near future, this should be taken as a lesson to be learnt so as to avoid damages in schools and the loss many propeties and lifes lost during this stampedes and also prevent our parents the stress af paying the school money for infrastructure. You can also find us on facebook

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fashion in kenya

Many people in kenya copy the fashion from the celebrity world in Hollywood instead of finding their own fashion indentity.Kenya being an African country we should be able to appreciate the culture of the african people.We kenyans have the advertage of dressing like africans but we prefer to live our heritage and go for other peoples culture.The people we are coping their dressing code like our african dressing to theirs and are trying to copy it but instead of promotong our african heritage we are throwing it to the gutter we should be proud of being kenyans in Africa and be proud of our fashion that is vitenges and many more fashions being invented in the country rather than going to copy other peoples fashions.We the youth especially the young men copied sagging of trousers and shorts .